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Sustainable tourism statement

Sustainable tourism – Our processes and practices

Red Earth Expeditions operates in some of the remotest and environmentally sensitive parts of Australia. All these places are open to access by anyone with the skills and support to visit them. Our approach is to make our environmental impact on these places as small as possible while maximising our contribution to the local community. As such we are committed to sustainable tourism in all its forms. Our goals are to:

  • minimise impact on the environment
  • maximise economic and social benefits to local communities by utilising and promoting local services and facilities
  • maximise social benefits to local communities by actively collaborating with other businesses and stakeholders to build a positive and self-sufficient capacity
  • respect local community and cultural values by authentically reflecting past, present and future aspirations of the locals in our interpretation and experiences. Offset our carbon emissions using certified progrommes that focus on Australia

Our goal is responsible tourism that is ecologically, socially and culturally sensitive.

Some key examples of our processes and practices are described below.

Water Use and Conservation

All the areas we visit draw their water from underground sources.  As such we strongly encourage our clients to be self sufficient for the duration of each trip.

Land degradation

We lower our vehicle and campsite footprint by:

  • We stay on formed tracks.  We do not bash the bush.
  • Lowering tyre pressures to improve vehicle traction and reduce the risk of wheel spin that damages tracks and increases erosion
  • Leaving the native vegetation intact and taking in our own firewood


We take out everything that we bring in and also encourage our clients to use the maximum recyclable materials.  The philosophy of burn bash and bury is long gone.  Research has already proven that the process of burying food scraps has actually facilitated the move of feral animals, such as foxes, into areas where they would otherwise have never been able to travel to.  Once arrived they then can survive on the native animals.


A truly sensitive issue.  We limit the number of people on our tours to reduce our environmental footprint.  We provide a single toilet facility for the complete tour group.  This considerably reduces the impact of human waste.


We need our vehicles to get to the places we visit. All of them are very well maintained to ensure they operate safely.