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Introductory driver training

Recreational 4WD driving and recovery training - we will put you on the right track!

You have just purchased your first 4WD and want to get the best from it in safety and understand what you need to have for your outback travel. What recovery equipment do you need and more importantly how do you use it safely without damaging your 4WD or yourself in the process. How do I fitout my 4WD as it's really confusing to try and pick what I really need from all the information available.

If you are not sure where to start and need an independent 4WD professional to help me make sense of it all give us a call before you start spending too much of your hard earned money. Buy right and buy once is our motto when it comes to 4WD fit outs.

The expert team of 4WD trainers and tour leaders at Red Earth Expeditions have the skills and experience you only get from many years of training and touring. We can help you get the best from your 4WD and give you the skills to start using it with confidence for outback adventure. We understand exactly what you need.

We are your personal 4WD coach

For those seeking the benefits that individual training offers, to help prepare for that special trip, we provide individual, fully customised training outside of a group atmosphere.  Customer feedback tells us this personal coaching gives them the best possible training experience and is great value for money. We build each session around your specific 4WD needs and can include trip preparation and advanced recovery training amongst other things.

Recreational driving and recovery

We understand the value you place on your time.  So offer our courses during weekdays as well as over weekends.  We back your training up with the opportunity to expand your skills by joining us on any of our tours.  That way you can continue to practice the skills learnt during your training.

Basic skills: two days and one evening session
This course introduces you to all the basic aspects of safe 4WD ownership. It includes classroom training and discussion and two days of driving and recovery training during which you will be introduced to basic recovery tools and techniques.

Advanced skills: two days and one evening session
To attend this course you will have completed our basic skills training or be able to provide documented proof of prior 4WD training equal to our basic course standard. The advanced training builds on what you have been taught, exposing you to increasingly difficult driving and recovery situations, and instruction in more complex recovery equipment such as hi-lift jacks, exhaust jacks and winches. The particular needs of both commercial fleets and recreational users can be met with our customised training.

Off-road camper trailer training. This is a two day program that will give you the opportunity to understand and explore the capability of your off-road camper trailer and towing vehicle.

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