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Advanced driver training

Commercial driver training and risk management services

We provide occupational health and safety advice to commercial clients who operate in remote and hostile parts of Australia.  So are very aware of the specific training and equipment requirements for safe remote area travel and operations. Our driver training and education includes familiarisation and training on various forms of recovery equipment (as required) and safe driving techniques on- and off-road. With our background in risk and fleet management we understand the issues confronted by management and the need to focus on resolving OHS&W issues with mobile workforces. For quality reasons we limit the number of trainees to instructors to no more than three to one. We provide custom designed training matched to each clients specific needs and after the conduct of an appropriate risk assessment.

Product launches and incentive and recognition events

We can design and deliver complete events that will highlight product technology and showcase the vehicles capabilities. With our comprehensive knowledge of fleet management we are able to offer a range of packages that will provide potential purchasers with the ideal product experience. As well we are able to provide customised incentive and recognition packages for staff and clients.

Introductory driving and recovery-commercial

Commercial operators of 4WD vehicles can have staff with little or no experience in the safe operation of 4WD or knowledge of how to prepare for travel in remote areas.  With an intense focus on OHS&W and safe operation in remote areas we are now able to offer the benefits or our consulting skills by providing highly focussed driver education and training programmes to assist employers in the management of these risks.

Two day courses only

Traditionally, driver training tends to focus on teaching car control and in-traffic skills, even though attitude and hazard perception have long been proven to be key risk factors for drivers. Our education and training offers clients a unique opportunity to move from their current driver training and education program to a globally proven best practice model. With this in mind we do not offer single day training for commercial operators. Our experience and current research shows that, particularly for adults, a single day of training provides no sustainable skills transfer or benefits in the longer term.

Introduction to 4WD driving, recovery and remote area travel

Day One focuses on driver education with particular emphasis on the correct driving techniques and the development of the risk assessment and hazard management skills required to safely operate any vehicle. We also introduce the basics of 4WD use and operation and safe travel in remote areas

Day Two is focussed on hands on training and assessment of the basics of safe 4WD driving and recovery.

Price per trainee is negotiated on a case by case basis and dependant on the specific training required

Advanced 4WD driving and recovery techniques

Our introductory course or evidence of suitable prior learning is required to attend our advanced courses.

Our advanced 4WD course builds on your driving and recovery knowledge & skills. We operate in terrain offering a greater degree of difficulty with an emphasis on advanced driving and recovery techniques. We also audit the risk assessment and hazard management skills taught in our introductory course.

Price per trainee is negotiated on a case by case basis and dependant on the specific training required. Credit card payments will now incur a 3% processing fee.

Customised training

We can provide customised 4WD training to suit individual client needs.  Pricing and conditions apply.