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A new 4WD

We replace our 4WD’s on a regular basis and when my personal car hit the replacement button we took a huge step and have purchased a Discovery4. We are still operating a range of Toyota’s but this was an opportunity for me to explore something completely new in regard to off-road technology and it has not been without some trepidation that we decided to go this way. One of the things I wanted to do is reduce the huge cost of fitout we normally do.

With an off-road camper trailer almost permanently on the back this removes the need to carry lots of gear in the tow vehicle and the extra power of the TDV6 means we no longer have to put a power chip in so savings already. Yes we are well aware of the 19″ rims and will be replacing them with some 18″ and LT tyres but after a weekend at Beachport recently I have to say that the standard rims and tyres did a much better job than I expected, albeit I was certainly driving more cautiously than normal.

So fitout to date has been limited to a dual battery system, new RedArc TowPro(excellent) and roof bars from our friends at RoofRackCity. We plan on getting a custom made slide for the cargo area so we can bolt in a fridge and space case but that’s about it for the while. We have already covered 7000km since Christmas with a lot of dirt roads and towing and overall have found the D4 fuel efficient, powerful enough for our needs on and off-road, extremely comfortable and quiet. Looking forward to seeing where this all goes so we will keep updating this page as time goes by.

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